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2. Environmental protection: Climate friendly & sustainable production

Healthy foods require natural resources: Clean water, living soil, and biological diversity.

Healthy, high-quality foods come from an intact environment. Clean water, living soil, and healthy animals form the foundation for delicious and nourishing food. All Prüf Nach! partners agree to produce organic foods, which means sustainable, environmentally and climate friendly agriculture.

Our sustainability standards are based on organic farming programs, laws, and regulations. On top of that, there are additional regulations on maintaining natural resources like soil, water, cultural landscape, and biodiversity. One of the goals is keeping the ecological footprint as small as possible.

Dairy farms must have a high percentage of feed produced on their own farm and are only permitted to buy organic Austrian animal feed. This ensures that farmers are not using imported feed grown on cleared rainforest land. Extensive measures to fortify soils and soil life as well as fertilizer regulations are defined for vegetable cultivation. There are also strict limits for heavy metal contamination.

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