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7. Responsibility for customers: Every step is transparent

Your trust is important to us. For us, fairness means keeping our promises and meeting your expectations of sustainable products.

Consumers have the right to know how and where their food is produced. With Prüf Nach! you can practically look over the shoulder of organic farmers and processors. The source, quality, and production process of every product can be traced on an online platform and on your smartphone.

Which organic farmers from which regions supplied the raw materials for my food? Which Prüf Nach! partners processed them? By entering the product name and batch number or expiration date, you can access this information at the press of a button. The ecological footprint shows how much CO2 emissions and water are saved compared to conventional farming and how much it improves biodiversity.

Animated graphics illustrate the production process of many foods. The quality assurance approval log can also be viewed online. This unique process creates additional transparency and guarantees the source, production, and quality of your organic product.

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