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6. Transparency & traceability: A look inside production

Our quality assurance covers every single production step. The advantage? 100% transparency and quality that you can taste.

Product safety and the guarantee of origin are essential parts of our quality claim. Prüf Nach! guarantees consistent quality – from the raw material and animal feed to the finished organic product. Our strict guidelines cover the entire value chain and go far beyond all existing standards.

In order to ensure and document compliance, all suppliers are connected to the central Prüf Nach! quality assurance database. This allows a complete, real-time record of the production chain. All important data on quality and the flow of goods – such as monitoring reports, measurements, or release of goods – can be viewed at any time.

Consumers can trace all relevant information on Prüf Nach! products online or on their smartphone. This builds trust in the food and its producers. And the high-quality work of our organic farmers gets the appreciation it deserves.

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