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With Zurück zum Ursprung* we developed the first top quality, completely transparent organic food line.

In an age where consumers can choose from thousands of products, the producer often remains anonymous. In 2006, Werner Lampert launched the first organic food line that allows consumers to trace the entire production process – Zurück zum Ursprung. The concept of complete transparency is new and revolutionary, because for the first time it provides detailed answers to questions like: Where does my milk in the supermarket come from? How was the butter that I spread on my bread made? And how much CO2 and water can I save with my cheese?

Organic products with no secrets

Zurück zum Ursprung is the first food brand to prioritize protecting the climate and natural resources like water, while also supporting biodiversity. All products are produced according to strict organic and sustainable criteria. Consumers can trace the entire production cycle from the organic farm to the organic product on the supermarket shelf using the batch number. This is the first time the ecological footprint has been displayed on every single product.

Transparency is the way of the future

Transparent source, guaranteed quality – Zurück zum Ursprung’s holistic approach will be a deciding factor in the nutrition of the future. In 20 years there won’t be any foods that aren’t transparent. Because consumers are entitled to know – it is their right. We see organic agriculture as an entirely new level of quality. With Zurück zum Ursprung we experience organic in its purest form.

Informations about the Prüf Nach!-norm in German

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