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Books by Werner Lampert


The Cow - A Tribute

The Cow is probably the most comprehensive work ever produced about the cattle of the world. With aesthetically stunning images, the book also contains all kinds of fascinating information about the origins, habitats and character of cows.

This book is a homage and declaration of love from organic pioneer Werner Lampert to the oldest breeds of cow and the wild cattle on our Earth. It is an appeal to protect the diversity of species and to take greater care of these sacred creatures which can
be both members of the family and a source of food, because, as a result of intensive livestock farming, they are threatened with extinction.

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Pristine Beauty - Trips to the aboriginal Cows of the World

“There exists a bond between man and cow. Again and again, I experienced it in all parts of the world. The story of this bond is narrated in images and texts” Werner Lampert

A long time ago Werner Lampert decided to publish a book, which should include the most exciting, most beautiful and rare indigenous cattle breeds in the world - a heart's desire that at last came true.

"Pristine Beauty" - A book with stunning photographs letting you share the pristine beauty of the cows around the world, and awakening a fascination for these powerful, gentle and mysterious animals.

When you read this book, you will accompany Werner Lampert and his team on a trip from the Zillertal to Bhutan, from Tibet to Mongolia. You will get to know much about the cultural, religious and social development of mankind, which would not have been possible without cattle and thereby obtain an informative insight into the nature and essence of cows, their habitat and the importance of their horns.

Werner Lampert wishes you a lot of joy with his book and hopes you gain interesting knowledge about these beautiful and fascinating animals, thus you will share his obsession and love them as passionately as he does in the future.

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100 foods that make you happy

On the art of recognizing good food and indulging in the joy of a good meal.

No, Werner Lampert doesn't cook, and he doesn't have people cook for him. He just talks about what he knows best: good food. The best, to be precise. Equipped with a sharp eye and a sophisticated palate, extensive knowledge and high standards, Lampert presents 100 foods that you can't live without.

In the process, he guides you through the secrets behind the products with an entertaining and personal flair: into hidden knowledge, rare tastes, and the belief that in the end, the path of production determines the taste of the product. Take this knowledge gathered over 30 years of experience, and make it your own. Learn how to see with the eyes of an expert and taste with the palate of an epicure – and find out about the joy of good food.

The organic pioneer and food expert Werner Lampert evaluates from the perspective of a critical consumer, incorporating his decades of experience in the food sector and his passion for perfection to bring you closer to the joy of good food. A subjective and informative expedition through the realm of sustainably produced food that primarily seeks to convey one thing: the joy of trying, tasting, and enjoying.

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Enjoying your food? - What we really eat

Did you know that a chicken usually only brings in around 70 cents profit? That it takes six months to “feed”, “raise”, and slaughter an animal before it can be sold to food retailers? Think for a moment about how much it costs to feed your pet for six months...

Have you ever wondered why motor oil costs an average of five times more than one liter of cooking oil? Do you even want to know more about the production, processing, and enhancement methods in food production? Or do you want to quickly close your eyes and keep shopping for the attractively packaged special offers in the supermarket?

Every day WE decide about these production methods, about the respectful treatment of animals, people, and nature when we shop – just like we decide how much we are ready to spend on a fast car, a pair of Italian designer shoes, or a short vacation on the Maldives. It is up to us to make the right decision. This book will help you do it.

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