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Growth that’s good for everyone. Our organic brands and products create sustainable success for our customers.

With Ja! Natürlich (Rewe) and Zurück zum Ursprung (Hofer), Professor Werner Lampert has successfully launched two of the largest organic brands in Europe. Today Werner Lampert Beratungsgesellschaft is the most experienced consulting firms for developing, creating, and marketing sustainable and traceable organic products and organic brands in Europe. The company was founded in 1998 by Werner Lampert, Austria’s organic and sustainability pioneer.

Organic with added value

We develop sustainability standards for mass market organic products and award two quality labels: Prüf Nach! is Austria’s strictest label for sustainably produced organic food products. Fairify distinguishes sustainable, fair, and globally traceable consumer goods. Find out about how we work, the services we offer, and the experts that stand behind our name.