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Sustainability, enjoyment, and profitability are not mutually exclusive. We demonstrate this with our work every day.

We work to create healthy products that everyone profits from: Nature, future generations, farmers and producers, just as much as retailers and consumers. Sustainability, transparency, the highest quality and profitability – these basic principles guide our work.

Sustainability has an ecological, an economic, and a community side. Combining these three areas ensures the effectiveness of our society and guarantees a future worth living. The three-pillar principle of sustainability also shapes the foundation of our work:

1. Ecologically sustainable business

Ecological sustainability means preserving nature, the environment, and natural resources for future generations. This involves many areas: Climate protection, emissions and water consumption, preserving biodiversity, managing cultural spaces and landscape, as well as the conservation of natural resources. 

2. Economically sustainable business

We pursue subsistence strategies that ensure long-term, sustainable prosperity based on continued and stable economic growth. The goal is to incorporate economic success, social acceptance, and the conservation of natural resources in production and link them to each other.

3. Socially sustainable business

Social sustainability primarily refers to participation in society and distributive justice. Critical issues include basic financial security, fighting poverty, equal distribution of wealth, and fair access to opportunities and resources.

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