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A sustainable brand or a new organic product? We will advise and accompany you through the process – from project development to marketing.

We design organic brands, organic products, and entire organic lines for our customers across Europe. We also refine existing brands and products and implement sustainable systems. Our services cover the following six key areas:

Project development

Do you have a sustainable idea and you’re looking for a partner with whom you can make it a reality? Werner Lampert Beratungsgesellschaft offers the following services:

  • Market and potential analysis
  • Developing standards for production and sustainability
  • Defining production process
  • Selecting raw materials and components
  • Selecting suitable processing plants
  • Developing and setting up monitoring systems

Brand and product development

We develop organic brands, organic product lines, and organic product ranges that meet stringent sustainability requirements. In order to establish the brand identity and positioning, we start by analyzing end users’ needs and acceptance. The brand design is based on this. Developing the product range and establishing the pricing and distribution policy are key steps for the brand concept.

Standard development and monitoring

Every product meets the high Prüf Nach! quality standards. Werner Lampert Beratungsgesellschaft develops and defines materials, ingredients, and production processes according to certain criteria. Ongoing product development ensures that the product range stays fresh and continues growing. We work closely with all the production partners to make this happen.

Quality management

Our standard is top quality, sustainable organic products. In order to achieve this, we compile all relevant information using our quality management system – from the source of the organic raw materials and their processing to the finished product. We monitor all raw materials used in production. The entire production process, the flow of goods, and operations can be viewed at the press of a button.


Consumers need to be able to trace the source of their product. They can follow the production chain back to the primary producer online or on a smartphone. The transparent flow of goods guarantees that production happens according to the agreed conditions. Traceability eliminates the anonymity of the product, increases its value, and builds trust.  Find out more: Prüf Nach! Responsibility for customers