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Welcome to wernerlampert.com!

Protecting your privacy is very important to us! Naturally this also applies to your activity on our website. We are committed to protecting the data of our website visitors.

Legal notice (Data Protection Act)

The Data Protection Act protects personal and indirect personal data. These are data referring to natural and legal persons. Personal data include information, which relates to an individual whose identity is determined or identifiable. Data for a client, service provider, or recipient of a transmission are only considered indirect data when the personal data is such that this client, service provider, or transmission recipient cannot determine the identity of those concerned by legal means.


By using our website you agree to let us collect certain data. In return, we agree to only collect data that are absolutely necessary and to protect your data at all times. We only collect indirect personal data during basic visits to our website. This means that you can visit our website without informing us of your identity. We only see the name of your Internet service provider as well as the IP address used to access our website, the website from which you visit us, and the websites you visit from our site. This information is assessed for statistical purposes in order to improve our services. You remain anonymous as an individual user. We only ask for personal data needed for our services if you want to use our personalized services.

Collecting and processing indirect personal data

Every time a user accesses our website (i.e. every request or attempt to request data on this server) data about this process are stored in a log file. These data are not personal; we cannot reconstruct which user requested which data, nor do we attempt to gather this information.

Limited use and dissemination of personal data

Personal data are only gathered when you enter them, for example while registering. All personal data obtained on our website are gathered, processed, and used only for the services you request and to process your inquiries according to the rules governing the protection of personal data. We hire service providers to process your requests and manage your use of our services. The service providers are contractually bound to uphold this data protection policy. Your personal data will only be passed on to a third party with your express permission and as long as this recipient has agreed to comply with the data protection policy. You can then decide whether you consent to having your data passed on to a third party or not. The processing and use of your data for consulting, advertising, and market research only occurs if you have given your express permission for this. Your data will not be processed by third countries outside the EU.

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