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In the future, the Fairify quality seal will guarantee that consumer goods were produced and marketed sustainably and fairly.

We have set new standards for organic food in Europe with the Prüf Nach! quality seal. But this is just the beginning. If we have our way, consumer goods from other areas will also have to meet the same high quality and sustainability standards. Because the welfare of everyone involved in production can only be guaranteed with a sustainable cycle.

This is why we are in the process of developing a quality seal for sustainable and fairly produced consumer goods. Every product bearing the Fairify logo has to meet established social, economic, and environmental standards. The origin and the production will be internationally traceable – from the source of the raw materials to processing to the store shelf.

The quality seal will allow consumers to access all the important information about “their” product with one click. In addition, we will support producers and brand name companies in manufacturing and marketing their products sustainably, fairly, and transparently.

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