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Organic, the way it should be. Only foods that fulfill strict sustainability requirements meet the Prüf Nach! standards.

We see “organic” everywhere we look – from tomatoes in the supermarket to steak on the menu. But what exactly does organic mean, and how are the products regulated? What makes food sustainable? The Prüf Nach! label for organic food answers these questions for us. Its requirements are much stricter than the EU organic regulations, setting new standards in Europe.

Hand in hand with nature and tradition

Prüf Nach! indicates first-class, sustainably produced, regional organic food. Agricultural raw materials are acquired in harmony with nature and tradition, after which they are carefully processed into high-quality food products and largely left in their natural state.  All products can be traced to their source and are harvested and prepared according to high socially conscious standards, such as a fair wage. 

Prüf Nach! From organic raw materials to the supermarket shelf

Every Prüf Nach! food product fulfills eight core values. Production is just as transparent and traceable as the source and processing of all raw materials, ingredients, and other elements. The complete traceability guarantees the consumer that what ends up on the dinner table really is organic and sustainable. Have a look at how Prüf Nach! works: Zurück zum Ursprung.