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Every Prüf Nach! product has to uphold eight core values. This guarantees quality, transparency, and enjoyment.

Livestock feed from South America, monocultures, heavy use of fertilizers – organic farming methods are becoming more and more like conventional farming. The result: Not everything that says organic is actually good for humans and the environment. Sustainable organic agriculture requires that everyone involved shares responsibility, from the organic farmers and processing plants to the consumers.

Prüf Nach! ensures the quality of agricultural products and brands with strict sustainability standards. We have defined eight core values for the production of sustainable organic food. Complete compliance is required of all partners – this guarantees the quality, transparent production, and safe enjoyment of all Prüf Nach! products:

  1. Regionalism
  2. Environmental protection
  3. No GMO
  4. Animal protection
  5. Food quality
  6. Transparency & traceability
  7. Responsibility for customers
  8. Fairness for partners