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The consistent quality assurance system from Prüf Nach! ensures 100% quality and 100% transparency in every product.

We follow a strict quality management program with all of our projects. Our system allows comprehensive control of the entire production chain far beyond the legal regulations – from raw material suppliers, animal feed manufacturers, and processing plants to the supermarket shelf.  Prüf Nach! quality assurance fulfills three critical points:

Operations compliant with guidelines

The Prüf Nach! quality management system records the flow of goods and quality measures concerning all partners. The data are automatically transferred to the inspection bodies. This enables monitoring of the entire production process; the flow of goods and stages of production are assessed in real time. It also helps us constantly improve food production and processing.

Ongoing additional inspections of farmers, suppliers, and processing plants guarantee compliance with guidelines. Information about the partners is linked to a comprehensive control system that automatically monitors the important parameters. An annual, external audit ensures that the quality assurance meets the standards.

Traceability of all products

Another pillar of quality assurance is the ability to trace the flow of goods, starting with organic raw materials, then processing, and on to the finished organic food product. This guarantees consumers that all raw materials used to make the Prüf Nach! products are organic and were processed sustainably.
We know which supplier and producer was involved in each product and when which step was carried out. With our thorough quality assurance, consumers can be sure that the Prüf Nach! values are upheld in the production and processing of the products they buy.
Furthermore, they can look it up online whenever they want. Customers can trace the path of their organic product back to the source. But they can also check the story behind every individual food product on their smartphone.