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We need a shift toward responsible and fair organic farming and production of consumer goods. 

The global population is growing quickly, climate change is advancing, and water is becoming increasingly scarce on our planet. Parallel to this, the supply of food will become one of the Europe’s greatest challenges in the next 20 years. If we want to continue living well tomorrow, we need a fundamental shift to sustainable organic agriculture and fair production of consumer goods.

Thinking, acting, and working sustainably

The only way we will have a chance in the future is if we all start to think, act, and work sustainably. The key to this is responsibility. The farmer or the producer has to accept responsibility for the welfare of humans and the environment. Consumers have to understand where their products and food come from and that there is a real live person behind it all.

Responsibility requires trust

My mission is to develop high-quality organic products that are produced sustainably, where every step of their creation can be traced. Transparency and sustainability are required on every level to make this happen. We can only build trust when we know the people who made our milk, our cheese, or our t-shirt. And based on this trust, we will be willing to assume responsibility.

Werner Lampert