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Organic today

“Few people are aware that organic agriculture is looking more and more like conventional agriculture. The core principle – ‘we don’t fertilize the plants, we improve the quality of the humus’ – is being increasingly smothered. Everything imaginable is being used to fertilize, from water-soluble nitrogen or bone meal to waste products from penicillin production. And consumers think they are buying organic vegetables.”

Food sovereignty

“The future is in our hands. We can still make it what we want it to be and create food sovereignty for this country. This means working with positive energies. People are always looking for a positive development. I approach my work with this in mind.”

Industrial agriculture

“It is unbelievable how the EU has developed agriculture over the past 15 years. It has been almost completely industrialized. In Austria we may not yet have industrial agriculture, but the methods we use to run both conventional and organic agriculture are industrial.”


“People grow during a crisis. When scientific findings can’t be proven wrong, they don’t last. That means we develop from our fallibility, our insufficiency.”

Agricultural change

“An agricultural change must come. The dependence on oil is enormous, and we are completely dependent on suppliers in the third world. Livestock farming without protein feed from South America is unimaginable. All the pesticides, all the madness of the meritocracy in food production, live off external supply and primarily from things that will become quite scarce in the medium term.”


“Long-term profit is impossible when people and the environment are being treated immorally and unethically. Transparency is critical. Ethical responsibility means getting involved in what you are doing, knowing what you do, and also making it public to consumers.”


“When you’re in business, you have to make something people need and something that has a future. We have breathed life into this terrible word, sustainability, which says everything and nothing at all. We practice sustainability for every person and every food product in a way that is close to real life. What we do, we do responsibly for the people who buy our products.”


“We are constantly developing our work. Quality assurance and product development are the company’s engine. A significant part of our success is that our products are not only of excellent quality, but also taste delicious. Experience is key to this. I always taste our products and get involved in production every day.”


“I have never been afraid of failure. People who have never failed will not accomplish anything in life. It’s not only about achieving business goals, but also about personal development. You have to crash to do this. I have failed a few times, and each failure has helped me grow enormously. When you raise children, the most important thing is to give them the courage to fail.”


“Many people in business today behave recklessly. In their personal time, the same people show great responsibility, working on social projects of all kinds. But when it comes to business, responsible conduct is non-existent. That is the problem these days. We don’t see ourselves as whole people, but as people with different functions.”

Security of supply

“It was always my objective to develop a model that provides long-term supply security. That can’t be done with EU subsidies or politicians – only with private initiatives. There are no long-term plans in politics; politicians want to be reelected in four years.”

Zurück zum Ursprung*

“In every stage of ‘Zurück zum Ursprung’ I knew that this was the right path to take. I know how agriculture works and know the madness behind it. I developed the project based on this knowledge. It was a great challenge convincing others. The truth is a reasonable expectation – but no one wants to hear it.”

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